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advertizing in 3D

Fly with your finger

or mouse

Only 100kB and works on mobile

and desktop

Mini games

that load instantly

Creative edge

in your everyday advertizing

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minigame now is a platform for creating and delivering 3D advertising and minigames. We work together with media houses, advertising agencies, webshops and brands.

Maximize profits

Run multiple advertisements in the same slot. Get better results. Improve your ROI.


Let visitors play with your brand. Be captivating and memorable.


Create advertisements that are animated, colorful, interactive and 3-dimensional. Create it with

Superior engineering

Easy integration to any site. Centralized updates. Fast loading. Integrate with popular ad-networks.

Create faster platform has all the tools you need. One solution for mobile and desktop.

Create better

We use WebGL, many others don't, yet. With us you stay ahead of your competitors.

Share everywhere, whenever

Create once and share in all marketing channels. Start with regular banner. Continue in social media, throw people to play in standalone app, redirect int your own landing page.

Your own sites


Any media site


Use classic games like memory game to tell your story. Gather emails, phonenumbers, send rewards or just show highscores afterwards.


Our hardware accelerated, touch-enabled, scalable minigames can be pushed into any of the existing ad networks.

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Other ideas...

format pictogram

format preview image

Use a Flight3D campaign when you want to introduce multiple products or boost brand awareness. Speed, product and colors can be adjusted.

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format pictogram

format preview image

Threesixty is a 360-degrees image viewer. You could build an escape room game. Or highlight areas in certain environments.

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format pictogram

format preview image

Display products in your personalized 3D showroom.

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format pictogram

format preview image

A minigame in which the user needs to catch certain objects, which can be your products or logos. Great for engagement and awareness.

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format pictogram

format preview image

Great for competitons. Displays your products on the spinning wheel.

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format pictogram

format preview image

Fly to catch dispount procentages, or avoid hitting asteroids. Or create a retro shooter game. Aslo great as just moving background.

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Endless possibilities is constantly developing new formats. We would be happy to show you what else we have, or we can create one together.


Indicative production cost and features comparison between conventional advertising and

FormatSizeTo createCostVisible in*MovementInteractive

* Some of the digital materials can be visible to user even if they are not fully downloaded to the device yet. Images are visible to users when they are completely loaded, while animation and video only when first few seconds have arrived. Most minigames preload and preprocess everything before content is shown to the user.



Advertiser:K-Citymarket Paavola

Pick up three of the same and win. Click through rate was 5 times more effective than image banner and 2.5 times better than average rich media.

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R-Kioski / HSL

Mediasites in Helsinki
Advertiser:R-Kioski / HSL

Pick up three same and win! 350 000 impression. 36% of the users who finished the game also gave their phonenumber and received a sms-code for the price.

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circulating cube that has some pain point pictures

They just wanted movement to their social media, so this is a GIF export of gamified rotating cube.

Questions & Answers

Who creates the 3D banners? can do the creation or we can work together with your designer. provides several formats that are easy to customize to your ideas.
Does this rely on any browser plugins?
No. It uses WebGL.
Which browsers are supported?

Globally 91% of the browsers support WebGL, this includes most Android and all iOS devices, according to

Situation is changing rapidly as older browser leave the market. Good sources for checking browser support are and

How to integrate Notkee scenes into my site ?

There is separate post about it here.

What does stand for?
Flexible in Finnish.
Is notkee going to slow our site down?
Notkee loads everything as fast as possible, using 1-3 requests, at first time, with one request there after.
I have heard Unity is great for making games, how is Notkee differ from Unity?

There is separate post about it here.

How to prepare images for

There is a separate post about it here.


Thank you.