3D Advertising & Minigames

Notkee.com is a platform that creates and delivers 3D advertising & minigames. We work together with media houses, advertising agencies and eCommerce businesses.

Notkee.com turns your conventional advertising materials into engaging 3D experiences that work on all devices.

Partnering with Notkee.com means creating, delivering and analyzing faster and better. Your advertising stands out. And it's fun.

Ideas to start with...


Present your holiday destination in threesixty. Can I book already?


Surprise your customers by presenting your virtual showroom in any media.


Can you guarantee a white Christmas? Snowfall can deliver it anytime.

Flying high

Your offers flying through the sky. Get your users engaged instantly.


Fly throught the stars, chase your brand, on any page.

Contact information

Creative 3D-advertising for your products as well. Be in touch today!

Questions & Answers

Who does the creation of the 3D banners?
Notkee.com can do the creation or we can work together with your designer. Notkee.com provides several formats that are easy to customize to your ideas.
Does this rely on any browser plugins?
No. It uses WebGL.
Which browsers are supported?
Desktop: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge and IE11 (90% of the desktop market as of January 2017)
Android: Android >= 5.0 devices. (60% of the all Android devices worldwide as of January 2017)
iOS: iOS >= 8.0 devices. (99% of the all iOS devices worldwide as of January 2017)
I would like to start using Notkee.com 3D-advertising possibilities, but I dont know any HTML or CSS. Is this a problem?
No. You don't need any technical knowledge other than pasting one line of code into your website code.
What does Notkee.com stand for?
Flexible in Finnish.